NEW BABYLON is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of 1111 Empire, Inc. focused on climate change mitigation and survival of the human race. All other important causes be it about race, gender, poverty, hunger, war and many others would be pointless unless we all survive. Even the pandemic can be seen as among the Earth’s way of healing itself wherein everyone had to stay home which in turn cleared our air from jet fuel, diesel and many other fossil fuel fed old technology. Still, we haven’t learned as we are slowly going back to the old ways while blindly expecting things to get better of which it won’t unless we step up and be the change we want to see in the world.

The clock is ticking, but we still have over 7 years to make drastic actions to delay this clock before it becomes irreversible. Should we wait for the 11th hour or should we act now? You have only Two (2) options, either you sit tight waiting for the sun to burn you alive or you can help in whatever way you can. The good news is that we have many Lifelines. We can still do something but we must #ActInTime.


Since the emergence of the blockchain, an irreversible and decentralized technology that permits assigning digital value to any physical thing, intellectual labor, financial asset, transaction, or digital assets ecosystem has been rapidly increasing. Crypto tokens with an economic worth are known as asset-backed crypto tokens.

Tokenization is increasingly becoming popular among those who are looking to drum up interest for their properties, both tangible and intangible. The market of cryptocurrency millionaires is still largely untapped wherein more and more luxury items and properties exchange hands with cryptocurrency as the unit of payment. It has become clear that both buyers and sellers should be aware of the potential that cryptocurrency offers in terms of cost, security, transparency, and immutability. Technology has developed and kept up to make life easier, better, faster, and more convenient. Practices like the way we pay for things have changed. While physical or fiat currencies are still the most predominant means of payments today, digital and cryptocurrencies are catching up fast.

Among the Tokens in circulation today, New Babylon (BYN) which exists as an ERC20 protocol token in the Polygon blockchain network is among the most important because it is secured, immutable, transparent and asset-backed. We particularly chose to use the Polygon network because, unlike many other blockchain networks, it uses the Proof-of-Stake (POS) mechanism to validate transactions in blocks which is far more environment friendly than the Proof-of-Work (POW) mechanism that consumes a lot of electric power generated from fossil fuel fed power plants.

The underlying assets of BYN are luxury goods, items, properties, and collectibles such as exotic automobiles, fine arts, antiques, wines, jewelry, watches, rare stamps, precious metals, luxury properties, and many more with stable value and those that definitely appreciate in value over time.









Francisco is among the pioneers and the biggest jeepney maker in the Philippines for 75 years now since 1947. There are over 250,000 old fossil fuel powered jeepneys on the road that contribute to climate change of which the company is aggressively gearing up and strategically partnering with the government, private corporations and individuals with similar objectives to help mitigate climate change by replacing these old jeepneys with full electric powered by renewable energy.
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Animal agriculture is among the biggest contributor to climate change, even worse than the transport industry. It is responsible for 14.5-16.5% of global greenhouse emissions and causes serious environment degradation from biodiversity loss to deforestation. Millions of hectares of land are being exploited just to feed livestock that would in turn be turned into food when that same area could be utilized to feed even more people with plant-based food.

Other than being environment friendly, eating plant-based food would make you much healthier that you’ll be saving a lot of money from doctors’ or hospital bills. Scientific findings say that if you have blocked arteries, eating strictly plant-based whole food for only 2 weeks would show significant changes or even reverse it.

Founder, Elmer Francisco, is vegan along with his wife, Michelle, and son, Dominic, which is why this initiative is very close to his heart. Check out the delicious vegan food in the following video.

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New Babylon has been carefully planning the creation of a giga-smart city that would serve as a safe zone for all of its citizens in order to further unhampered advances in science and technology be it in health, physical, mental, virtual, space, etc. New Babylon also features safe havens in several undisclosed locations to sustainably house a strategically select few individuals together with their respective families in a case of extreme emergency. When the time comes, only New Babylon citizens will be granted full access to our facilities. Along with them would come exceptional and strategic items to preserve our culture, traditions, fine arts, plant & species, technology and way of life. Make sure to safe-keep your Ethereum wallets and private keys carrying your encrypted New Babylon Passports and New Babylon (BYN) Tokens which will serve as the native currency. Blockchain is secured, immutable, transparent and decentralized; therefore, if you lose your Ethereum wallet and/or private key, you will lose your access and not even we can help you.

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